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I live in south Florida and am planning my summer ride north. Alternatively, you can buy one that has a strap that holds it in place… again for about $60 to $150. My friend and I thought the timing of the sessions throughout the day was perfect. If you think training to get your motorcycle licence was the only instruction you will ever need, think again. One of the things we work on during the non-sportbike days (and regular track days) is body position. The team at Fast Trak Scotland is one of the best in the field.

The track was fantastic and the classroom sessions with the on-track instructors gave me instant feedback on cornering techniques. Send us a message with any questions about your CBT, DAS or instructor training. On Track Rider Training. Since then, I’ve been smoother into and out of corners.” -Todd R. Craig Ripley from Living off the Slab talks about his experience with the Non-Spotbike day: Watch cruisers, tourers and even a Burgman scooter ride around the Thompson (CT) Speedway during a special the 2014 Non-Sportbike Track Day.

I look forward to meeting you. Full color. We do NOT provide gear! * Last minute single day pricing increases within 2 weeks of event – $350.00. However, it appeared that some of the riders in the first vid with the cruisers and big bikes; the black helmet and brown jacket, the yellow hi-viz guy, and the grey and black jacket, were using a hybrid riding position, i.e., a partial hang-off, but with the head and torso shifted back toward the outside, counterweighting the bike.

From the very first days in his race leathers in Denver and Riverside, to most of the best tracks in the USA with the full CLASS team, to D-Days and Motor Officers Advanced Training at Streets of Willow, Reg’s CLASS continues to expand street rider enthusiasm and skill in a way that track …

Element A comprises of talk about clothing, safety helmet and equipment.

Want to advance your riding skill while having a blast? I attended a session last June and am waiting to see the 2016 dates.

Offering group and One on One rider coaching in Australia, the UK and anywhere else!, Visit the Non-Sportbike Track Day FAQ Page for more details,, Aprilia Tuono V4 APRC – Track Day Bike Prep, 10 things You Should Know about the Aprilia Tuono V4, Tips for Using the Throttle in Corners- Webinar, Monday, May 25th – Palmer, MA (Counter Clockwise Direction), Monday, July 20th – Palmer, MA (Clockwise Direction). The access to the info from your staff, the … NOTE: Regular Jeans are not acceptable.

With over 18 years of experience helping ATBs to get their bookings online, we are one of the most trusted sources of online booking for motorcycle training companies.

Haven’t taken an advanced parking lot course? Email:, Send a message to Fast Track Rider Training Buckie, 37 Golf View Crescent, Elgin, Moray, IV30 6JP, Understanding the legal requirement to riding, Reinforcing your understanding of the Highway Code to a good level, Understanding the importance of using good motorcycle equipment and clothing, Using the motorcycle stands to safely park your bike, Familiarity with the different motorcycle or scooter controls, Wheel the bike round to the left and right, Pull away, stop, start and change gears (where applicable), The use of speed, road positioning, safe driving distances. Sport Touring models (FJR, RTs, RSs, Gold Wings, etc.

CM1 2XW The best training I have had on a motorcycle ever!

One of the things we work on during the non-sportbike days (and regular track days) is body position. John, The 2016 dates are likely to be May 24 at Loudon, NH (or possibly the week before) and August 22, 2016 in Palmer, MA. Your event is great reason to plan a trip. Track days and track schools are a great way for any rider on almost any type of bike to develop their skills without the typical dangers of street riding. You DO NOT have to be a BMW/MOA member or ride a BMW to qualify. No rentals available for track days.

It takes some people several tries to integrate more active body positioning techniques into their riding, especially if they have developed habits over many years. I heartily recommend this to all street riders interested in riding better and having a blast.” – Ed C. –” Once I learned the lines of the track, I was able to totally focus on cornering technique. Cordura Motorcycle Pants are okay as long as they have armor.

Do not worry about your headlight if it’s plastic. If you do not complete your CBT to the instructors satisfaction then you will be asked to come back on another day for additional training. Since then, I’ve been smoother into and out of turns. These courses are terrific for building the fundamentals of motorcycle control, but applying techniques in a parking lot at 20 mph does not train you to deal with challenges you face every day at typical street speeds. Learning on a racetrack allows you to ride freely and concentrate on advancing your skill level without the typical hazards faced on the street…potholes, sand, tar snakes and Buicks. Just enough time on the track not to get too tired and just enough time in between your sessions to rest and think about how to improve, have class time, and not get bored. The access to the info from your staff, the post ride sessions and overall experience was unmatched!! Visit the BMW/MOA Foundation page directly to apply. Levi Day is a fully accredited Motorcycling Australia Coach.

OPRT provides a structured riding environment for sport-bike riders of all levels promoting motorcycle safety through instruction on a closed course racetrack.

Required fields are marked *. Non-Sportbike Track Days are held on a closed course (racetrack), which means you learn in a safe environment and at real-world speeds (not race speeds). “Kevlar” Jeans with armor or a padded under suit are allowed. If this happens do not be alarmed or upset, some people take longer to master control of a two wheeled vehicle than others, but we all get there in the end.

At the outset the instructor will give plenty of guidance and help, but towards the end of the time on the road the instructor will be looking to see if you can get safely from one place to another without hurting

Sport Touring (Advanced) Group: Riding in the Zone, LLC is insured by the Philadelphia Insurance Companies. No worries, the Non-Sportbike, Street Rider Training Track Day is designed for riders of all skill levels, from those with a few months in the saddle to riders with decades of riding experience.

Gloves and MUST leave no exposed skin.

Your event is great reason to plan a trip. Let me repeat…Non-Sportbike Track Days are training days designed for regular street riders!

We do NOT provide gear! )Contact Ken with questions.

Please support them (and RITZ) by becoming a member! No crazies on race-bred sport bikes will be zipping by at warp speed. Mirrors need to be removed or taped over. BMW/MOA Foundation page directly to apply. Your email address will not be published. We offer 3, 4 and 5 day courses as well as hourly motorcycle lessons.CBT and DAS trainingOur team of qualified instructors at Fast Trak Scotland offers CBT and DAS training courses to make you a safe, confident motorcycle rider.Module 1 and 2 testsDo you need expert training to clear module 1 and module 2 driving tests?

Great vids. Your email address will not be published. Previous track experience is not strictly required, but you will need to ride very predictably and be comfortable with others riding at a pretty darn fast street pace.

You need to specify what type of motorcycle you are on before we confirm the course.

Kevlar Jeans: “Kevlar” Jeans with a padded under suit are allowed and this makes a great setup for those not wanting to purchase motorcycle riding pants.

Non-Sportbike Street Rider Training: Non-Sportbike Track Days are held on a closed course (racetrack), which means you learn in a safe environment and at real-world speeds (not race speeds). Advanced Street, Off-road & Parking lot courses.

Whether you're new to the motorcycle scene, or a longtime rider, we look forward to welcoming you to the community. Track days and track schools are a great way for any rider on almost any type of bike to develop their skills without the typical dangers of street riding. Gauntlet gloves overlap the jacket when you are in the riding position. The Riding in the Zone Non-Sportbike Track Day is the next step in your journey toward becoming a Motorcycling Master. We need bikes to be in excellent roadworthy condition with plenty of tire life remaining. A CBT certificate is valid for two years and once you have completed your full motorcycle examination, you will no longer have to renew your CBT.

Get your autographed copy today! That being said I could feel myself going faster as the day progressed with the observations and instruction of your staff. Knowing how to ride a bicycle will really help, so if you have not ridden one for a while it's a good thing to do before you take your CBT.

Non-sportbike Track Days are for “regular” riders on big bikes, small bikes, touring bikes, adventure bikes, vintage bikes, and even cruisers. A Non-Sportbike Track Day is the most exciting, fun and effective way to improve your riding skills…period!

I live in south Florida and am planning my summer ride north.

This was my second time to attend one of these TTD events and I came away with renewed confidence in my ability to ride on the street.

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