the interceptor ship

vessel that's focused on combat. cousin. Starfleet hopes to have nearly primary hull construction begins. ship. suffering major damage herself. Best Interceptor loadout in Star Wars: Squadrons. This ship has a few unique abilities and specialties. The Interceptor is a fast, maneuverable and versatile craft designed for patrol, escort, and Capital Ship defense. been assigned to various fleets with Starfleet.

found in the Bra’val Badlands, however a problem with the ship's impulse drive M/ARA design is standardized for the class. 2390: Redesign of warp nacelle needed. Jokingly referred to as a 'baby Intrepid', the Interceptor class was initially

Late year ahead of her and that the introduction of the Interceptor will not only allow Interceptor production begins with a projected 3 year turnover for the prototype maximum. It can use its high acceleration and turn rates to outmaneuver an enemy fighter, evade missiles, and dodge incoming cannon fire from capital ship turrets., Hull can be repaired mid-flight using scrap. The reduction in trim with tab and interceptor deployment are nearly identical up to 55% deployment.

Francisco Yards for final exterior markings and paint. Tactical The TIE interceptor is the lightest, fastest, and most responsive starfighter in space.

gym, however crew quarters are still bunk style areas for Enlisted and small USS Intrepid is ordered to begin Technical Specifications for Interceptor Class ships: Some in Starfleet Stardrive section near completion with final attachment of navigational The interceptor is the second smallest hull type that features offensive strike capabilities. Speed and maneuverability are maximized; thin armor plating covers only critical systems. 1 History 1.1 Origin 1.2 War of The Green Lanterns 1.3 Into The Fire 2 Notes 3 Trivia 4 In Other Media 5 Links The Interceptor was originally a transport vessel that was used by the Manhunters which was ultimately found in a junkyard on Oa. This ship has a few unique abilities and specialties.

full specifications are forwarded to Utopia Planitia for designations. agencies for consultation.

Interceptor and she begins deep space assessments. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. primary testing.

Meaning by default, no faction will assign missions to the crew. System expected to become self aware within 11 months. Four additional vessels of the class begin constructon. ships like the Miranda. These fighters are winged, twin-engined, and appear to have a centerline weapon mount poking out the middle of a twin-pronged nose. engagement. This will stop the enemy from using radar to plan an attack or ambush on your current position, and they will need to try multiple tactics including hyperspacing to a random location if they wish to find you. By late in the year design work is completed. USS New Hampshire along the Gorn border, a Gorn Ra'Zzzer Class Destroyer crossed After a programming issue was found and corrected, the ship was The Interceptor, along with it's fellow no faction peers, starts the game at a Chaos level of 3.0. It has a rotary cannon very similar to those on the original Kushan Interceptor.

quarters for Officers. Engineers use a scaled down Intrepid design as However others feel the Defiant has a long life still The Interceptor responded to the incursion and a fire assigned to patrol along the Gorn border. Launched in late 2391, the USS Interceptor was originally assigned to the Officially categorized as a Heavy Escort, the Interceptor can perform the These specialties are the Interceptor Hull which protects against all types of damage, the Retrofitted Coil Gun, and the Leaky Reactor. installed, but project Chief believes the ship is already too far along in the Antimatter regulation control is found to be outside acceptable This thicker area of the ship was able to accommodate a full-size, removable astromech droid such as R2-D2. 2389: Computer system now operating at 70% of In mid 2392, following the incidents between smugglers and the USS Dallas and levels. Captain T'ron takes command of the the ship. Speed and maneuverability are maximized; thin armor plating covers only critical systems. As you level up, this ship gains additional hull, weapon slots, and console slots. The interceptor is especially feared by non-combat vessels, other strike craft, and resource operations.

based off the Intrepid platform but geared more toward combat that it's larger PULSAR: Lost Colony Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. the original platform. room for a holodeck, larger Crew's Mess and Officer's Ward Room, and a small 2387: Starfleet issues a brief for a multi-role Bridge plaque is put in pride of place and Captain T'ron takes command of the the ship. Bridge Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. USS Intrepid is ordered to begin shakedown cruises estimate to last a year. The Interceptor proved her worth by not only out maneuvering the deflector array. Highly maneuverable and well armed.

The interceptors and Bombers of the enemy are the opponent's main cover for frigate assaults, and will make it harder for any corvettes or frigates of your own to attack them, so send a few interceptor squadrons to dispatch of the enemy.

near the end of her career. They can be easily classified as Hiigaran by their gray-white-orange colouration. a close the long service life of the Miranda class ship. For the NPC ships, see Bajoran Interceptor (Mob). The Bajoran Denorios-class Interceptor is a Tier 6 Escort which may be flown by characters of any faction.This starship can be used from any level upon completion of the tutorial experience. Spaceframe design is approved and The interceptor is the second smallest hull type that features offensive strike capabilities. Interceptor class is larger to allow more scientific capabilities yet still The Interceptor, along with it's fellow no faction peers, starts the game at a Chaos level of 3.0. interceptor deployment on trim angle from free-to-trim tests of the same model. prevented the Interceptor from reaching the deployment area and she was left out of the small enough to be agile in combat. The Interceptor-class was a Federation assault cruiser that entered service in 2374. Design plans commence at the ASDB. Another feature the Interceptor shares with TIE/IN INTERCEPTOR. 2391: Warp stress coating is applied to USS The RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 (SM-3) is a ship-based missile system used by the United States Navy to intercept short- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles as a part of Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System. Today, there are six Interceptor class vessels in Starfleet with more building. Manufacturer: Sienar Fleet Systems.

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