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Because of this, our nation can become enlightened with lots of light.

Teacher’s day program is celebrated with great enthusiasm in schools across India. In many schools, junior students also play their role as teachers. We can help them out with their work and provide assistance by making use of the skills that we have learnt over the years. He believed that the teacher is the person who prepares the youth as the future of the country.

… Some students congratulate by giving pens, dories, cards, etc. Every year on 5 September, Teachers’ Day is celebrated to honor our selfless teachers for their valuable work. We could seek their blessings and let them know that we are there for them when they need us . At that particular time, Dr. Radhakrishnan was a teacher. Newspaper is your news, entertainment, music & fashion website. They leave behind a mark in us imparting values like kindness and compassion. Teachers get a lot of congratulations from their students. We cannot return anything to our teachers equal to their great works, however, we can give them respect and thanks. It is celebrated on 5 September every year by the students to pay respect to their teachers. Worked as well. It is well known that teachers play a big and important role in shaping our lives.

Teacher’s day is usually observed all over India in memory of Dr Sarvepalli Radhjakrishnan, a great philosopher, teacher and the first Vice-President of India. From that day, his birthday is celebrated as Teachers Day of India. We could collectively gift them books and other materials and organize a get-together especially if the class has graduated.

In India, we celebrate the teacher’s day on the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was known as a man of many great qualities and attributes. He strived to make a bridge of eastern and western philosophical, safeguarding Hindutwa/Hinduism against western criticism. You have entered an incorrect email address! In India, Teachers’ Day is celebrated in honor of teachers, as they work hard throughout the year and want their students to do well in school and other activities. He was a Scholar, Philosopher, Teacher, and Politician at the same time. Every year on 5 September, Teachers’ Day is celebrated in India to honor the contribution of teachers in our life, society and country. In shaping a country’s good future, the role of a teacher cannot be denied.

10 Lines about Teachers Day Essay Teachers Day is celebrated on 5th of September every year all over India. We could give them a visit on that day and share with them our experiences. Then he replied with a great expectation that instead of celebrating his birthday, it would be a better prerogative if September 5th is observed as teacher’s day. Schools are decorated on this day across the country and special programs are organized. They guide children and students to leadership skills 2. A good teacher always keeps the interest of his students in mind and recognizes their abilities. Teachers play many roles in overall development such as: 1. Teachers Day Essay: Given below is a Long and Short Essay on Teachers Day … Teacher’s day is a very important day, it is the day that we celebrate as a tribute to the efforts and work of our teachers.

They inculcate punctuality and discipline to every learner and students because they are the future of the nation.

He dis this to pay tribute to the greatest teachers of the nation. Short and Long Essay on Teachers Day in English in 300 words, Essay on Teachers Day for Class 6, 7, 8 in 400 Words, Essay on Teachers Day for Class 9, 10 in 500 Words, Essay on Teachers Day for Class 10, 11, 12 in 600 Words, Assam University Result 2020 – 2019 TDC (Declared) Odd / Even Semester @ ausexamination.ac.in, Essay Writing Format | Topics | Tips for School Competitions and UPSC Exams. He was noted for his contribution and role of teachers in the lives of students.

They instill discipline into young people. Teaches them to hone their subject or work skills and also takes care that their other activities or subjects are not affected. On this day, he is given different classes where he can go and teach.

The birthday of our former President has been dedicated to mention the greatness of the teaching profession along with the contribution of our teachers in the development and society of the country.

Teachers do nation-building work by building the future of citizens living in the country. On this day students welcome all their respective teachers and schedule a meet to talk about the day and their celebration.

These types of programs strengthen the attitudes of students and teachers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Therefore, all teachers in the country are respected. It is the only and most particular day that provides a break from the traditional usual school days.

He later became the President of India. Students gift very beautiful presents to teachers, feed sweets and show their indebtedness galore of love and respect for their contribution. Prior to joining politics, he himself taught in many institutes like Calcutta University, University of Mysore and Oxford University. Teachers Day 2020 is on Saturday, 05 September.

He was the first Vice President of India and the second President who was a teacher before taking up these positions. Since 1962, September 5 is celebrated every year as Teachers’ Day. Nobody thanks them for their valuable work, so as a student it is our responsibility to the teachers to thank them at least once a year. Some social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or video congratulate their teacher through audio message, e-mail, written message or online conversation. Along with students, teachers also participate in these programs with full enthusiasm. Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Copyrights. Dr. Radhakrishnan greatly respected the teachers. Like our parents, our teacher also has a lot of personal problems, but still bypassing all these, he comes to school and college daily and fulfills his responsibilities well. They always try to give a well-shaped mind to every people and people decide to celebrate their contributions to society in the form of teacher’s day annually. The task of teaching is one of the most difficult tasks in the world because they have the responsibility of educating the youth. The main motive of this celebration is to tribute respect and honor to the teachers. It is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of our former president Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. We could organize a fun day for them with activities and entertainment programmes which would be memorable.

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