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They intruded, for instance, on Clement Meadmore’s Riff, 1996, seen from the gravelled path with unbroken views of Western Port in the distance.

One of these works was – when I visited some months ago – a pair of Akio Makigawa stainless steel seedpod-like objects, which, a sign informed, were on temporary loan from the artist’s estate and would soon be replaced by the Gandel’s work that was then on loan to the NGV. Aside from the demographics of the sculptors represented, it should be noted that most works might best be described as monumental late modernism. While the decision to enlarge a work that was already in the public domain may have disappointed the artist, it is clear that Point Leo’s architects responded positively to the work, mitigating the Tarrawarra-like concrete bunker effect of the main building. Just as the landscape will surely soften given time, the sculpture park as a whole will doubtless gain with maturity. Perhaps they might do away with signage altogether as the excellent free Point Leo Estate App makes it largely redundant. 1.8

Experience the feeling of reaching new heights as you Bounce, Climb AND Fly at Latitude .. Making music is 'super food' for a child's developing brain. kms, approx. Surely the instructions at the entrance to not touch the sculptures were sufficient? kms, approx. Lenton Parr’s Plant Forms, 1960, which many may recall in its earlier location outside Myer at Chadstone Shopping Centre, is cramped for space, surrounded by a number of smaller works that intrude fussily in a way that the parked cars and shop windows of Chadstone strangely never did. 1.98 This is a sculpture park that combines the personal predilections of collectors, and the private collector’s preference for works by established artists, with public largesse – albeit at the price of a $10 entry ticket. 1.99 Anthony Pryor’s Enter the code shown above in the box below. 3649 Frankston Flinders Road, Merricks, Victoria 3916. kms, approx.

The international selection seemed a little random, if interesting, though perhaps Matt Calvert’s comically brutal Night Imp, 2010, amused me more than Dean Bowen’s Lady with Flowers, 2011, simply owing to its novelty.. I suspect the artist had a large part to play in choosing the appropriate scale. kms, approx.

Horizons is crippled with concrete boots – its foundations protruding above ground, cancelling the effect of airy expanse that the work’s prime position near the sea should have augmented. We've sought out all the free gems .. Fenced dog parks are great places to meet other dogs and provide a location where you can .. 200 Things for Families and Kids to do in Melbourne. Create your own modern play area with Little Party Play! Hosted by Pt Leo Estate. The map below shows the location of the business. Bus Projects, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, BLINDSIDE, Alex Hobba, A Gun Went Off in Human Resources / Alex Cuffe, Love is the Length of Her Hair, Bessie Davidson & Sally Smart – Two artists and the Parisian avant-garde, Meagan Streader: A Window is a Square Horizon, Christopher L G Hill: Meaningless is more. Why the excessive signage?

0.35 First made in 1969 (a fact unmentioned on the plaque), this was originally 84 cm long. kms. kms, approx. One hopes that the issues regarding signage will be rectified in time, that those works which are currently over-crowded will be granted greater breathing room, and that those others which are currently marooned on concrete footings will be permitted to sink a little and settle into their new surroundings. pin.

kms, Wine Terrace and Cellar Door at Pt Leo Estate, approx.

While Parr realised a number of similarly scaled works in his lifetime, these were designed with such a scale in mind. A winery and restaurant form part of the complex – but the main attraction is the Point Leo Estate sculpture park, which is due to open later this year. Winery/Vineyard +61 3 5989 9011.

Show Map. Unusually there is a entry fee for the sculpture park, but you can't begrudge the fee when there are such large scale sculptures by world-renowned sculptors. Point Leo Estate Sculpture Park (Merricks), 3649 Frankston-Flinders Road,, Merricks, Victoria, 3916. While this had the pleasing effect of underscoring the significance of the work in the Gandel’s collection and quietly pointed to the Gandel’s philanthropic connections with the gallery, and overlooking the unfortunate typographic error that puts Makigawa’s death at 1974 rather than 1999, it seems incredible that the pair of works should be sited barely a metre from Parr’s Plant Forms. Relax and … The following table is a summary of the admission prices, location and facilities such as .. Small Ideas Melbourne Big Family Discounts (Melbourne). The Pt. To get to the other slide of course. But the mainstay attraction here is the ocean view to the south, looking over Bass Straight. 2.3 These were confirmed – at least initially – at the entrance by the iconic presence of the late Inge King’s Grand Arch, a black-painted steel work first conceived in 1983 and enlarged three times previously at a scale of 1:3 (in 1983), 1:2 (in 1988) and 1:15 (in 2001) – this last version sitting permanently outside the Art Gallery of Ballarat. Point Leo Point; Merricks General Store; The Enchanted Adventure ... Wine and Pt Leo Estate Art Walk. However, this is a private collection made public; it has no obligation to aspire to universal representation. Beyond that, the 19-acre Sculpture Park filled with it’s amazing art of many shapes, sizes and interests allows the visitor an opportunity to escape within an escape. His 1960s works almost never exceeded 3 metres at their longest dimension. Other signage seemed arbitrary. ..

Preference is given to works in the durable mediums of steel and bronze; there is nothing of wood, and only one work incorporating stone (Blizzard’s Ancient Range Floating, 2003) to any significant degree. Travel restrictions are in place across Victoria. Conversely, Lenton’s Parr’s Vega seems overblown.

Leo Estate Sculpture Park houses an ever-evolving outdoor gallery of over 50 Australian and international pieces. Melbourne is a wonderful city for kids and families because there are so many activities, .. Having heard whispered tales for some years now of breath-taking real estate and extravagant sculpture commissions (a couple of which I had the fortune to preview in the fabrication stage at Fasham’s), I entered Point Leo Estate with high expectations. The landscape retains much of the feeling of recently converted paddocks, with groves of eucalypt saplings sitting at odds with the longer established spruce windbreaks. Point Leo Estate opened in October 2017, so is still very much in its infancy. Joining the long-standing McClelland Gallery + Sculpture Park (founded and chiefly supported – up until recently – by the late Dame Elisabeth Murdoch) are two new additions, both attached to wineries: Montalto in Red Hill South and Point Leo Estate at Merricks. This most recent – and, in all probability, final – enlargement, commissioned by the Gandels in 2011 at a scale of nearly 1:20, is perfectly positioned on a stone round-a-about, allowing visitors to admire the sculpture’s undulating flanks while they circle in their cars. Enjoy a bespoke wine tasting, meander through the Australia’s foremost foremost privately owned Sculpture Park and dine in one of our award winning restaurants.

kms, approx.

A more serious issue is the installation of certain works. Point Leo Estate opened in October 2017, so is still very much in its infancy. clock.

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