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Undeterred, Lupe was still dead set on making music and at the age of 17, he decided to try out for a career in hip-hop, although his parents weren’t impressed. Terms of Use | Now more than ever, The Stranger depends on your support to help fund our coverage. Didn't get one of his typical rants though, which was a bummer, but also great to hear more music.

800 Maynard Ave S, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98134, Contact

By high school he met a school-mate and gang member by the name of Bishop G, the two connected over a shared taste in music and began making mixtapes in Lupe’s father’s basement. Lupe Fiasco gave the best live performance I have ever attended. Apparently he had to leave early last time he was in Seattle, so he went on for another quarter of a show, rapid firing some of his tracks for us. He is a natural performer with great stage presence and confidence. Fiasco has accumulated a lot of fans since his early days in the early noughties. Amazing performance. Takedown Policy, Contact | By September 2006, Lupe’s debut album “Lupe Fiasco’s Food And Liquor” was released. It's like a get-together with the artist.

‘Battle Scars’, ‘Words I Never Said’ and the hit ‘Superstar’ were all highlights of the night. First time seeing Lupe perform and it was great I mean this dude had great stage presence. Fiasco engaged with the audience, getting them to jump up and down for ‘The Show Goes on’, which the crowd happily complied with, and holding the microphone out for us to sing along to his best known tracks. Hours: Tues-Sat 4:30 pm-2 am GO TO A LUPE CONCERT.

He rose to fame in 2006 following the success of his debut album, Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor. He creates an incredible story for each of his songs and is honest and down to earth with his audience about his past and influences. It still made his name in a big way, and Lupe continued making music without a group, continuing to take his music down more interesting and esoteric avenues than hip-hop was used to going down. |


STOP BEING DUMB NIGGA, GET EDUCATED. He was hooked on jazz instead and was never going to be a passive listener but try as he might, he could never get the hang of an instrument. Bush Garden. 206-381-3333, 1521 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134 Born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco in Chicago, Ill., Lupe Fiasco is an American rapper, singer-songwriter and music producer. SHIT WAS FIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Be the first to know when they tour near London, UK, Join 949,371 fans getting concert alerts for this artist. His definitely been my favorite since his mixtapes and all his album. So What Do You Say?

Great as always - went with his classics and the best off of Tetsuo. Hova was so impressed with Lupe’s work that he got the young rapper a record deal with Atlantic Records, and while working on his debut album, he released a series of massively acclaimed mixtapes onto the internet to build his reputation. I totally understand why people would go and see him so many times. Privacy Policy |

First and fifteen yeaaaaa. to track Lupe Fiasco and get concert alerts when they play near you.

After they split Lupe lived with his mother by day, who kept him as well read as he could possibly be, but his father was a very large part of his life even then. It was amazing how he played his setlist an in order that kept everyone going, Really had a blast!

Even from the start Lupe’s music was eclectic, to the extent that Lupe and Bishop’s first performance went disastrously as their local hip-hop community wasn’t as accepting as Lupe and Bishop were hoping it would be. Showbox Sodo Sodo

In something that would allude to just how unique rapper he would become in his later years, the young Lupe hated hip-hop for its misogyny and vulgarity. In reality, it’s about skateboarding, a love story between two misfits on wheels—and goddamn is it ever an earworm, built on the sweeping symphonics from Celeste Legaspi’s 1982 song “Bolero Medley,” with an added bumpin’ beat and Lupe’s raps gliding over the top. Lupe also owns two businesses and is heavily involved in the fashion industry so when he does step from out of the studio and onto the stage, the fans are always excited. Going to see Fiasco, you can expect an energy filled performance.

Lupe Fiasco is a rapper, producer and entrepreneur hailing from Chicago, Illinois, USA who was born on the 16th of February 1982.

Incredibly dope show! Let's Go See Lupe Fiasco! He really did give himself to the fans last night. Hype energy, audience participation, his funny banter with the crowd kept everyone happy, and his live delivery is untouchable.

Songkick is the first to know of new tour announcements, dates and concert information, so if your favorite artists are not due to play in your area, join Songkick to track Lupe Fiasco and get concert alerts when they play near you, like 949371 other Lupe Fiasco fans. Wed Nov 18 at 8 pm, Sign up for the latest news and to win free tickets to events, The easiest way to find Seattle's best events, All contents © EverOut Since his commercial breakthrough in September 2006, his five studio albums have made him one of the most respected and critically acclaimed rappers around.

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