fun questions to ask your mentor

At how fast a clip can one reasonably expect to climb the ladder in this field?

Ooh … Theresa! 2. Final Thoughts.

Alot of the times folks are so excited that someone successful would take the time to mentor them that they don’t ever stop and consider if they were that person…would they be happy? 19. Here are some fun, quirky questions to break the ice and get to know a different side of your mentor, one that might not be immediately apparent in his or her professional persona. 25. Are they at a place where you would want to be? I have the idea of what I should be doing in these instances but I was not actually doing them. In my article 23 Extraordinary Questions to Ask Your Mentor I pose some interesting and thought provoking questions.

has provided me with some of the greatest interview questions imaginable.

Not sure what to talk about? Questions to ask a mentor | Erin Middleton - [...] but feel a bit junior in their nature. Who’s your favourite person (friend, family member, etc.)? It’s not uncommon for both mentors and mentees to be unsure if they’re a good match or not. How to maximize your value, a few tips. Here’s the fun part. Finally it dawned on me! Which people do I need to stick around to maximize chances of success in this field?

What’s the most unexpected obstacle you’ve had to face? Like Melanie, who was ‘attentively and gleefully, moving right on down the list’… and Keith, who also stopped and thought about the question that inspired your comment. Another approach to this would be akin to turning a picture upside down. If you were me, what’s the single most important question you would ask you?

What should I do right now to improve myself and my career prospects? 40. Get better advice by asking the right questions. What is your business case for an organisation to engaged in cross-cultural mentoring?

Theresa, I’m about to do a series of interviews and your list (and signature genius!) Hah hah. And yet, it is still the same picture, isn’t it? Feel free to revisit the below questions as you build your relationship, some might be great ice-breakers while others may help you to maintain momentum. Guaranteed that after the audience laugh, someone will ask a question. What do you do to challenge your underlying beliefs, paradigms and assumptions? 32.

Seriously. It’s one of those “things that make you go… hmmm.” . How did you learn to embrace failure? 7 Surefire Ways to Ask Someone to be Your Mentor, Multifamily Common Areas Maintenance & Management Tips, 8 Tenant Gift Ideas That Will Boost Your Bottom Line. Mentors, here are some questions you can ask your mentee on both the personal and professional to better understand him/her and why s/he’s interested in this mentoring partnership.

I’m glad to know that you and Deb go back for a while. Another awesome post idea, wish I would have thought of it first. Yes, I’ve actually seriously thought about these questions.). If you could have the life of any famous artist or musician (dead or living), whose would you choose?

That’s okay, I thought.

It’s our gift for you—a free e-book to download and start reading today.

What’s the most important leadership lesson you’ve learned and how is it valuable? Now why would I want to find the second best answer.

Make sure they’re questions you can’t get relevant answers to from anyone else.

Did you think you’d find yourself in this industry? 11.

. If so, when did you know this was the work you’d go into? By finding the best answer and then a plan B! Ryan Wilson of FiveFifty explains how to maximize your advertising spend in the digital media world.

Like getting to know your mentor better. ), it’s time to get a little more insight into your mentor’s professional past. What an interesting question! 34. Is there a particularly effective strategy for achieving success in this field? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Too risky.

I was, attentively and gleefully, moving right on down the list and then I came to “When is it okay to break the rules?” That one stopped me in my tracks.

Much love. I couldn’t possibly come up with a more compelling list.

Required fields are marked *. You can feel pressure mounting.

Keith has a keen understanding of the “ripple” effect in blogging. What did your mom say to you when you were in trouble?

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