frog graham swim distance

I’ll be doing it again some time soon totally solo – it will be interesting to see what time I get without having a bit of moral support.
That section is not as bad as it looks though, and on the easier ground above Eel crag I made good progress with the first sign of an improvement in the weather lifting my spirits. The stop at Coledale hause had been a bit longer than I had thought and running / walking carrying my own gear whilst feeding myself along the way had evidently put me on to a slower pace than I had reckoned. In the end I just crawled and slid, more like a slug than a frog I’m afraid! At least I had a wetsuit to wear if I did start to get cold! After rescue by Air Ambulance I had 7 hours of spinal and shoulder surgery and a fair amount of metalwork installed in both spine and shoulder. With Map, pictures and a GPS trace. View the embedded image gallery online at: 5.15 am - Skiddaw done - now the first swim! Red Pike and High Stile were ignoring the weather forecast which promised clear summit and superb visibility.

Having arrived back from Everest a bit earlier than anticipated and feeling fit from all the trekking (but not debilitated because of the ultra high altitude) it was the perfect thing for me to get my teeth in to. My Garmin recorded a teperature of just 5C, with wind chill that is pretty cold! The Frog Graham is the swimmer’s equivalent of the famous Bob Graham, a 66-mile circuit of 42 of the Lake District’s highest peaks, which is completed in 24 hours. In 2019 he created the UKs ultimate swim-cycle challenge, the Frog Whitton (a cousin to the Frog Graham swim-run challenge). We met a chap on the summit of Grisedale Pike (08:12) who was flabbergasted to be told by Ian what I was doing and he asked for a photo which was great.

A quick look at the map and then a lovely run along the undulating summit to the end of Low Bank (10:10), which I’d never been along before. Well practised at the transitions from run to swim and back to run again I all to soon found myself on the steep flanks of Robinson, it's the last major climb of the round, which I was thankful of as my legs were begging to complain now, I was thankful of my poles on sections like this. With 4 times Everest Summiteer Tim Mosedale. The Frog Graham is a running / walking / swimming event around The North Lakes, it covers 60km including 3,350m or so of swimming, 4,714m of ascent and the idea is that the person doing it is self supported (i.e.
The warm water (warmer than the air temperature) was very pleasant, and I realised the swimming would actually feel like a rest compared to the tough mountain running sections. Having said that I wasn’t sure what to anticipate in the first place so perhaps my initial estimates had just been a little bit too optimistic. I’d been in touch with Peter Hayes, the chap who came up with the concept, about whether it was in the spirit of the event to have folk along for the running sections for a blather (as long as I didn’t have any assistance from them) and he was in agreement – so I recruited a bunch of folk to run alongside and the scene was set. Since I completed the Frog Graham Round there have been over 30 further individuals who have successfully completed it … The swim was reasonably long but I made good headway and I was met on the far side by Nick Ogden (again), Kirsten ‘Tetlow’ Ogden and Jonathan Nicholson – and for the final leg Nick and Ali accompanied me along the lake shore path back in to Keswick.

HARVEY mapping have produced an excellent, well-detailed and easy to read waterproof map of the Frog Graham Round route which can be purchased from Pete Bland Sports, We strongly recommend its use.The information provided below is based on the average of data supplied from multiple successful FGR contenders. The reason for all the swimming was the need for upper body exercise and rehabilitation after a very bad accident the previous September. It was a relief to descend towards Bassenthwaite, and at the Church by the lake I was met by Marcus, who had kindly agreed to spend the day checking on my progress and helping me in particular getting my wetsuit on (I find the zip almost impossible to do along with my slightly reduced flexibility).

We arrived at Bassenthwaite Lake at 04:59 and I was in the water for 05:16. You do have to concentrate on the FG descents, they are steep and rough on places! A report on the Frog Graham Round - a 40 mile swim hike in the English Lake District.

The going from here was much easier underfoot than it had been on the boulder strewn paths of Legs 2 and 3 and it was nice to be able to get the legs working again. I enjoyed the scenery with the lake level view of Red Pike and High Stile and of course that vicious climb of Mellbreak. The section to Whinlatter pass has a real variety of terrain with some great single track paths, some easy descents on vehicle tracks but also some tough boggy trackless sections which are thankfully quite short. More tricky navigation and rough ground lead to the shortest swim of the round, from Horse Close across to Hassness.

Marcus dashed to meet me at the other side, so he could help me wash the wetsuit to prevent transfer of any of the invasive species in Bassenthwaite to Crummock Water. It's a great section of running down into the Buttermere Valley, some shortcuts are possible to get onto Rannerdale Knotts, but with the bracken covering the open ground it's easier to stick to the main paths. Finally thanks to Richard Walsh for the excellent Frog Graham website -, Trail Running Holidays - 5 Mount Pleasant, Arnside, Cumbria, LA5 0EW, Tel: 0777 2551415    Email: My last desperate clamber to the far shore over rounded slimy rocks was best not witnessed by any onlookers. Dalehead (16:02) is the last of the big summits but it was a bit of a struggle down to Dalehead Tarn and on up again to High Spy (16:38).

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