dc voltage regulator

Generally, electronic circuits using tubes or transistors require a source of d.c. power. £8.29 £ 8. Efficiency is high if difference between input and output voltages is small, High if average load and/or input to output voltage difference are high, Medium to high, usually requiring inductor, diode, and filter caps in addition to the IC; for high-power circuits, external FETs are needed, Larger than linear at low power, but smaller at power levels for which linear requires a heat sink, Medium to high, largely due to external components, Medium to high, due to ripple at switching rate. The input pulses per min would be 1-30000. The transistor T1 works as the actual regulator by switching a relatively high current with a maximum of 5 amperes. The comparator compare the reference constant voltage and the –ve error voltage and provide the difference (+ve) of the two voltages at the o/p as i/p at the base of transistor . Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books.

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The specialty of this IC is low drop out voltage because of the use of MOSFET as internal series pass element. CA3240; voltage regulators; Share this: Tweet; More; This circuit regulates a DC power output. A DC Voltage Regulator is a device which maintains the output voltage of an ordinary power supply constant irrespective of load variations or changes in input a.c. voltage . When the o/p voltage decreases because of the decrease in i/p voltage , the voltage drop across R1,R2 decreases and so this error voltage (-ve) is sensed by the divider network which is applied at the inverting i/p of the comparator. Voltage Regulators: 20,540 Products Found 0 Filter(s) Selected 20,540 ... DC / DC Adjustable Switching Regulators (5,475) DC / DC Fixed Switching Regulators (1,882) DC / DC Multi Output Switching Regulators (329) DDR Termination Regulators (69) LDO Multi Output Voltage Regulators (213) LDO Voltage Regulator Controllers (9) LDO Voltage Regulators (11,010) Linear Voltage Regulators … The various types of dc voltage regulators are : For low d.c. output voltages (upto 50V), either zener diode alone or zener in conjunction with transistor is used.

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