current electricity tamil meaning

Find more Tamil words at! electricity translation and definition in Tamil, related phrase, antonyms, synonyms, examples for electricity The Tamil for electric current is மின்னோட்டம். Electricity definition Noun.

Fundamental concepts (12 periods) Electric charges and electric current \[I = \frac {Q}{t} \] Mechanism of conduction of electricity through a metallic conductor; Expression for the relationship between current and drift velocity; ... All labels in Tamil. A power in nature, a manifestation of energy, exhibiting itself when in … Electricity: மின்சாரம், மின்சக்தி. The unit Current Electricity has got 70 periods. Electricity: மின்சக்தி,மின்சாரம்,மின்சாரம்,மின்சக்தி. Tamil Dictionary definitions for Electricity.

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