brake horsepower formula for centrifugal pump

This website does not use any proprietary data. Calculator Academy© - All Rights Reserved 2020, difference between horsepower and brake horsepower, how to calculate brake horsepower for a motor, indicated horsepower and brake horsepower, horsepower and brake horsepower difference, brake horsepower to wheel horsepower conversion, an engine with a brake horsepower of 20 bhp would have a rated horsepower of. The Cookies Statement is part of our Privacy Policy. BHP = (Q x H x SG) / (3960 x Eff) Center

The formula is most often used in sizing positive displacement pumps. P = pump power, hp N = pump speed, rpm τ = torque, N-m P = pump power, kW N = pump speed, rpm Temperature Rise Imperial Units SI Units ΔT = temperature rise, °F H = total head, ft η = pump efficiency, decimal U = fluid specific heat, BTU/(lbm-°F) ΔT = temperature rise, °C or °K H = total head, m η = pump efficiency, decimal Q = Flow Rate in gallons per minute. 2) You may not distribute or commercially exploit the content, especially on another website. References Pumps & Systems: Reciprocating Pumps n = Efficiency expressed as a decimal value*. Pressure = 798 Hd.Ft. SG = 0.75 81125. n = Efficiency expressed as a decimal. Nuclear Reactor Engineering: Reactor Systems Engineering, Springer; 4th edition, 1994, ISBN: 978-0412985317, Todreas Neil E., Kazimi Mujid S. Nuclear Systems Volume I: Thermal Hydraulic Fundamentals, Second Edition. 75 = 3132 In addition, if an electric motor is used to drive the pump, the motor horsepower … We assume no responsibility for consequences which may arise from the use of information from this website. Q = Flow rate in m 3 /hr Back to Positive Displacement Pump Calculations. Online Web Apps, Rich Internet Application, Technical Tools, Specifications, How to Guides, Training, Applications, Examples, Tutorials, Reviews, Answers, Test Review Resources, Analysis, Homework Solutions, Worksheets, Help, Data and Information for Engineers, Technicians, Teachers, Tutors, Researchers, K-12 Education, College and High School Students, Science Fair Projects and Scientists Power Zone Equipment welcomes your inquiry. The equation below can be used to compute the horsepower required to pump liquids of varying specific gravities (where BHP is brake horsepower, Q is flow in GPM, H is head in feet, SG is specific gravity and Eff is the hydraulic efficiency of the pump). n = Efficiency expressed as a decimal Contact: The brake horsepower of an engine is the total power required to overcome the force of braking.

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