blue ribbon sushi izakaya menu

It is nice to hear from you! The cozy cedar clad restaurant has an extensive selection of fresh fish flown in daily from the Sea of Japan as well as both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The appetizer squid was pretty decent though.As for the soup, there was a piece of Saran Wrap inside. Is there happy hour and what is the happy hour ie drink & food specials? We ordered very simple item, chopped scallop with smelt roe roll, Unagj, Sake, and Kanpachi.

Japanese $$$$ Lower East Side. Bina, Thank you so much for recommending our restaurant!

Our server was amazing.Every weird question we had; he answered! If you would be willing to email us at brcares@blueribbonrestau… it would be great to connect further so we can learn more about what you ordered.

Good place for a friendly or romantic dinner date with nice ambience, comfortable seating, good service, and easy to book tables on Opentable. The portions were smaller than I expected but the fish was high quality. We hope you will email us at, 1 order Edamame $9 -- *** Garden variety Soybeans w/salt, Josh, We are very sorry to read you felt this way about our pricing. It is a little on the pricier side and your dollar gets little value here.

The wine and apps came out quickly, but after 25 minutes we were still waiting for the cocktails. We arrived at 830pm and had a group of 7 people. Kindly, BR, Isabella, Thank you for letting us know you enjoyed the sushi and for recommending Blue Ribbon!

The host informed us we'd have to wait to be seated until 930pm, which was fine with us, so we walked over to the bar to wait.

My brother pulled it out from under his tongue.

Went here cause of a recommendation of a friend.

At that price point, you're really not expecting sushi that tastes like it's from a Chinese Sushi joint. Blue Ribbon Restaurants - Dine with us in NYC - Los Angeles - Las Vegas - Miami.

and one guy drank my friends drink without realizing it wasn't his. Our waiter came over and we ordered another round of drinks (4 cocktails and 3 glasses of wine) along with 4 appetizers. When my date arrived (yes I know he was late!!) You know that when 7 New Yorkers who eat sushi on a regular basis all have the same reaction, it's not good. For $18-25 a roll, the quality should be excellent and they should have more than one person working the bar, especially on the lower east side on a Saturday night.

the food was sub par, to the point that I don't even remember what I ordered. Warmly, BR. Came here twice in three months - loved the food, the ambiance, and the service. 10002 The ambiance inside is elegant, sophisticated, and dimly lit. I have shared it with the rest of my team and it is always great to hear from our guests. Kindly, BR. tupelo honey. Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya.

Thank the lord for the free sake. We also tried the Ramen dishes, sushi, and the Tuna Poke. I didn't think I would be full but I was stuffed. Beautiful pictures too! you're basically paying for the interior & the service luxury of this place.

None of the items were particularly mind-blowing so it was hard to justify how much the platter costs.

2 eggs any style, hashed potatoes & toast, choice of pork sausage, …

Took one star off for my bank account but I put it back because I really had a great time here.

It's a special place with fantastic food. That was where things started going downhill. Join the Bite Club.

It's also a little ridiculous when you consider the omakase here is a very reasonable $95.Now I'll be the first to admit, I should have said something then and there. Came here with a group of girls for dinner last night. So great to hear from you. There are other local spots that I prefer for sushi. We ordered a ton of different rolls and everything was kind of bland and all tasted generic. If I were to visit again I would recommend going for the assorted sushi platters.Oxtail and bone marrow rice - winning dish. So nice to hear from you!

Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya. The bar also started becoming more and more energized around 7pm with a good non-ratchet crowd. But the most expensive listed sushi is uni at $10.50, and toro (at least in my experience) is not traditionally more expensive than good uni. Created with Sketch. In NYC?

Without any disappointment the sushi platter was delicious. We arrived at 830pm and had a group of 7 people.

Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon. The price is higher but on par with the fancier environment. Best, BR, Decided to make last minute reservations here on Opentable for a friends birthday dinner and loved it!

The Sake ribs are delicious and tender.

Great execution; bone marrow is hidden within an omelette which you break and mix with the hot rice underneath (therefore also cooking the bone marrow). Perhaps there was a mistake. I got here a 5 minutes before my reservation and the nice server sat me down at a quite spot.

If you would be willing to email us at.

This place gets 2 stars because of the customer service and our waiter, but I will not be back. Mains.

Any of which are excellent choices. Best, BR. You can tell that they made their menu very simple because I'm guessing people don't order complicated sushi in this area, or it could have been COVID, so they were limited.

Blue Sushi Sake Grill. We got seated at a round table. | Created with Sketch. Would skip. Service was absolutely atrocious.

Denver, CO. Open. Choice of cheese: American, gruyere, blue cheese, Coconut rice & pickled green papaya salad, Flourless chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream & caramel sauce, Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, green tea & ginger & red bean, Green tea, red bean, vanilla & black sesame, Daikon, shiitake & black truffle teriyaki, Pickled asian pear & grilled napa cabbage, Truffle teriyaki, miso butter, bok choy & tempura onions, Choice of shochu served in a clay pot with fresh squeezed juices, oolong tea, ice & garnish, Sweet aroma, hints of persimmon, clean mineral finish, Kimoto “Old School Method” & Honjozo “Alcohol Added, Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya — 187 Orchard St. New York, NY — (212) 466-0404. BR, Staff very friendly but  the sushi is not as you think it should be.Tasteless.Excellent dessert tho, 1/28/2020Sabina, We are sorry to read you felt this sushi was tasteless. If you would be willing to email us at brcares@blueribbonrestau… it would be great to connect further/ Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon. Sushi is great quality.

Created with Sketch. Learn more.

Service and ambiance was impeccable, as well as COVID safety and cleanliness! Apparently at Blue Ribbon, ONE slice of toro will set you back about $14.

I didn't have high expectations because they had a limited menu, it wasn't very complex like a normal sushi restaurant.

On a Saturday night? Thanks again! Then we'd go next door and grab me a slice of pizza. They let us bring a birthday cake and brought it out at the end of our meal. We had a lovely evening catching up over dinner. (This isn't an Ichi Cellar) 9/10 here for ambience.

So delicious, I was sad we didn't have room for more! The steak was amazing and came with a delicious sauce and I'm a sucker for shoe string fries. Kindly, BR.

Blue Ribbon Sushi.

In addition, there was a large group of drunk and high patrons next to us who kept squeezing in people, limiting our space (they, the group next to us, did ask but what are we supposed to say, no your friends can't sit?)

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